Anarchist from Colony’ released with English subtitles in Songdo

Anarchist from Colony’ released with English subtitles in Songdo

The latest box office hit “Anarchist from Colony,” directed by Lee Joon-ik and starring Lee Je-hoon, is now screening with English subtitles in select theaters in Korea and will also have limited screenings in the US.

English subtitled screenings of the movie were released Friday in MegaBox in Songdo, Incheon.

As “Anarchist from Colony” had a successful opening on Wednesday in Korea, coming in first in Korea’s box office, expectations are high about its performance outside of Korea.

The movie was released in CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles and Buena Park, California, on Thursday and Friday, respectively. The movie is also set to release in Oasis Cinema in Dallas, Texas next Friday.

The film, which was released Wednesday here, is based on the true story of a self-proclaimed anarchist and revolutionary named Park Yeol, remembered as a prominent freedom fighter during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea.

The movie also highlights the passionate relationship between Park Yeol and his lover Fumiko Kaneko, a Japanese nihilist who sympathized with Koreans oppressed under the the Japanese rule.

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