4 Outdoor Activities to Do When in SeaTac

4 Outdoor Activities to Do When in SeaTac

Do you love the great outdoors? Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the Northwest. When you visit, you can relish in the panoramic scenery. Whether you prefer tourist activities or action sports, you’ll find plenty to love in the Emerald City. Here are four outdoor activities to try when you’re in the SeaTac area.

Interurban Trail

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac) is a great hub for visitors. Whether you’re only in town for the day or you’re spending the week, you’ll find plenty to do. For example, the Interurban Trail is a wonderful place to go biking. The trail covers much of the same territory that the trains once traversed.

City planners have transformed part of this land into 24 miles of bike trails. You can exercise while relishing in the amazing natural setting. Visitors who want to see more of the city can marry a trail visit with a bicycle tour. You can see more popular tourist attractions from the comfort of a bike.

Highline Botanical Garden

Seattle receives 37.5 inches of rain annually, which might sound like bad news. Tourists will discover an unexpected benefit to the constant rain, though. The foliage and trees in this region are breathtaking.

Admirers of nature should visit the Highline Botanical Garden. It’s a picturesque place with fascinating history. Elda Behm almost lost her garden to city development in the early 1990s. She’d worked on her garden for 30 years and didn’t want to see it destroyed. Behm and friends petitioned to keep the property intact. In an unexpected turn of events, city officials not only agreed but also made Behm’s flowerbed the centerpiece of a public garden. You’ll have to visit it to appreciate the true beauty of the facility.


When you’re planning a trip, you need an itinerary. First, you find a quality hotel near SeaTac Airport. Then, you book a cheap flight and plan out each day. What you couldn’t possibly imagine is that one of the finest activities possible in Seattle takes place on a boat. It doesn’t involve fishing, skiing, or partying, though. Instead, it features whale-watching.

Several companies like Puget Sound Express offer whale-watching tours. Participating guests receive a money-back guarantee that they’ll see a whale during their boat trip. The waters that merge into the Pacific Ocean have plenty of whales, and you can watch them interact in their natural habitat.

Woodland Park Zoo

A day at the zoo is always fun, especially if you’re traveling with young children. The Woodland Park Zoo was first a menagerie at the turn of the 20th century. It gradually evolved into a 92-acre zoo featuring 300 animal species. A frequent nominee for best national exhibit from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, this facility is arguably the best in the Northwest. You won’t regret spending the day here.

These four activities are merely a few of the wonderful outdoor entertainment options available in the greater SeaTac area. Whatever you choose, you’re certain to have a wonderful time!


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